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This page was last updated on: July 8, 2017

At the start of the St. Vincent Girls' High school (GHS) centenary celebrations on Sunday, May 9, 2010 , at St. Paul's Anglican Church, Calliaqua.  On Sat, May 8, 2010/Sunday May 9, 2010, all current and past GHS students were asked to wear their school uniforms
or school colours to their various church services.

Some of the St.Paul's Anglican Church, Calliaqua, group consisted of  Lorna Jones McBarnett and Alma Providence Dougan in full GHS outfit  and  Irma Dougan, Flavia Haynes Howard, Keren Haynes and Cheryl Phills King in navy blue skirts and white tops, Joye Brown, Elma Browne Dougan, and former teacher Marilyn Jones.
Students in uniform: Jonelle Charles, Nikita De Souza and Kristhlyn Jacobs.
Other former GHS students, Sylvia Roberts Sayers, Susan Ryan Dougan and Patricia Prince Martin were present at the church service though not in the pictures.
Quite an impressive count-down to the GHS centennial on May 8, 2011.

Kristhlyn Jacobs, Keren Haynes, Marilyn Williams Jones (former GHS teacher), Jonelle Charles, Nikita De Souza

Alma Providence Dougan, Elma Browne Dougan, Irma Dougan, Joye Browne, Keren Haynes, Kristlyn Jacobs, Marilyn Williams Jones (former GHS teacher)
Flavia Haynes Howard,
Front: Cheryl Phills King
Bending down: Jonelle Charles, Nikita De Souza

Lorna Jones McBarnett

The service was conducted by the Rev. Eustan Ulric Commissiong-Jones.
L-R: Fr. Eustan Ulric Commissiong-Jones, Cheryl Phills King, Irma Dougan, and Alma Providence Dougan.
L-R 2nd photo (with Lynette)

Back row: Lynette Norris Glasgow, Hazel Thompson Pompey, Candace Gurley Bowen, Cynthia Whittle, Joye Browne, Evelyn Gould Rose, Joan Walrond King, Pauline La Hee St. John
Front row:  Ercelle John Thomas, Joyce Providence Toney, T'Sha Browne (daughter of Laura Anthony Browne and Ron Browne), Cheryl Phills King

Photos taken at the Methodist Hall after Joyce's lecture, evening of Thursday, May 5, 2011.
L-R-1st photo

Back row:  Hazel Thompson Pompey, Candace Gurley Bowen, Cynthia Whittle, Joye Browne, Evelyn Gould Rose, Joan Walrond King, Pauline La Hee St. John

Front row:  Ercelle John Thomas, Joyce Providence Toney, T'Sha Browne (daughter of Laura Anthony Browne and Ron Browne), Cheryl Phills King

Photo taken at the ribbon-cutting at GHS-Trophy cabinet given to GHS by the Girls' High School Alumnae of NY
L-R (standing) GHSAA-NY-Cabinet ribbon cutting morning of Thursday, May 5, 2011
Marcia Kirton, Evelyn Gould Rose, May Cordell Davy, Ela Toney, Sylvia Sutherland, Michelle Saunders Clavery, Joyce Providence Toney, Arlene Deare Kirton, Narissa Morris, Cheryl Phills King, Pam Bobb Edwards, Alma Betty Providence Dougan, Cynthia Whittle.
L-R (sitting)
Marguerite Gloria Rose, Madge Pollard Morris.

Netball competition on Saturday, 4/30/11, at Arnos Vale.
Helena Ollivierre Williams, Marcia Kirton, Cheryl Phills King

Back row:  Monica Huggins, Pauline La Hee St. John, Sandra John, Joyce Providence Toney, Yvonne Gaynes, Ercelle John Thomas, Joye Browne

Middle row:  Cheryl Phills King, Helene Ollivierre Williams (sun-glasses), Evelyn Gould Rose (black and white top), Joan Walrond King, Hazel Thompson Pompey, Helen Bowman Agard

Front row:  Marjorie Williams Cuffy, Lynette Norris Glasgow, Marcelle Alves Neverson, Denise Bute Edwards, Dawn Da Santos Smith.
Picnic photos: (with Lynette), Rawacou, Saturday,  May 7, 2011.(during the day)
Talent Extravaganza on Wednesday, May 4, 2011, at the
Faith Temple Church, New Montrose.
Tea party on Sunday May 1, 2011, at the GHS.
L_R: Cheryl Phills King, Helena Ollivierre Williams, and Evelyn Gould Rose.

Remarks from Cheryl Phills King:

Good evening !! It is an honour and a pleasure for me
to be here with all of you this evening. Let me welcome all of you
to this, the final lecture in this Lecture Series commemorating
the 100th anniversary of the Girls' High School GHS. I welcome those
who are here, those who are listening by radio, those viewing by television
and those abroad who are listening via the internet.
I want to wish the GHS a very happy 100th anniversary and
I want to thank the Lecture Series Group for asking me to host
this evening's lecture. They have done an outstanding job
in organizing the series.

I am especially happy to be hosting this evening's Lecture which highlights two of my favorite people- who have
lived their lives in a manner that I have admired greatly,
Mrs. Norma Ince Keizer and Dr. Joyce Providence Toney.  We go back a long long way thanks to the Girls' High School,
an institution that I love dearly, and hold in high regard.

Norma Keizer was instrumental in implementing the teaching of West Indian history at
the Girls' High School upon her completion of her Bachelor's Degree from the University of the West Indies.

I was fortunate to be one of her students and I am grateful that she had the foresight to add this dimension
to our learning. My West Indian History text, written by Roy Augier and Shirley Gordon,
still stands out in my memory today.

I want to thank Mrs. Norma Keizer not only for teaching us about our history, but also for creating history,
as this is the first time in the history of the Girls' High School that we have had a mother and daughter at
the helm of this auspicious institution. I have had the pleasure of dealing directly with Mrs. Andrea Keizer-Bowman,
the present Headmistress of the Girls' High School and with Miss Clare Keizer,
who was kind enough to invite me to be on the  Girls' High School Centenary Magazine
Committee. Mrs Keizer's third daughter, as we know, is Dr. Simone Keizer.
I can state that the Keizers, Norma and the late Clarence, have raised positive, successful children and that,
to me, is a major accomplishment, and no mean feat.

Dr. Joyce Providence Toney recently retired as a Professor of History from another institution of learning with
which I am quite familiar-Hunter College in New York. It is another Alma Mater of mine, as that is where I did my under-graduate work.
In fact, when I was there as a student, many many years ago, Hunter College celebrated its 100th anniversary.
Similarly, the Toneys, Joyce and Joel, have managed to raise successful, positive children, Dr. Vanessa Toney Bobb and Dedrie Toney Peacock.

Academic achievement, a successful family life and giving back are very high on my list when it comes to determining success in life, hence
my love and admiration for these two GHS sisters who are being highlighted tonight. They are both what I would call "quietly
firm." Whenever I am referred to in those terms I know exactly where that originated and I would hazard a guess that the source is the
same for Norma Ince Keizer and Joyce Providence Toney. It is from the Grand Old Dame, soon to be one hundred years, the Girls' High School.
To show my appreciation to GHS and in honour of Mrs. Norma Ince Keizer I would like to present a copy of "Search for Identity" which has an article on education written by Mrs.Keizer to the GHS for the school's library. I want to thank her and all of my teachers for shaping our lives, and I thank all associated with GHS for enriching our lives.

In commemoration of this auspicious occasion I have written this poem.
It is a sonnet entitled:
St. Vincent Girls' High School (GHS) : Your Magnificence

Oh Alma Mater dear, entrusted with our care,
To you none others can compare,
As we come here to salute you
And reflect on our lives
Your enduring legacy survives.
Shrieks of laughter fill the air,
For many of us, our paths crossed here,
Although sorrows and failures are in the mix, too,
For the most part success was enabled by you.
We are all in this together,
So in your honour we gather,
100 years of excellence,
Where tradition meets tomorrow
We celebrate your magnificence.
(Cheryl Phills King)
Mrs. Keizer, we love you, salute you and dedicate this evening's lecture to you.
Thursday, May 5, 2011.
GHS Centenary Theme:
"100 years of excellence: where tradition meets tomorrow."

-"Introduction to Chemistry and the Environment" by Baldwin King (2002)
-"Michael Manley & Democratic Socialism :Political Leadership and Ideology in Jamaica" by Cheryl L. A. King (2003)
-"Search for Identity : Essays on St. Vincent & the Grenadines" edited by:Baldwin King, Kenneth John & Cheryl L. A. King (2006)
-"Quest for Caribbean Unity :Beyond Colonialism" edited by:Kenneth John, Baldwin King & Cheryl L. A. King (2006)
-"Home Sweet Home : Musings on Hairoun" edited by:Kenneth John, Baldwin King & Cheryl L. A. King (2007)
-"Pioneers in Nation-Building in a Caribbean Mini-State"by Sir Rupert John with a new foreword by Karl JohnPublished by KINGS-SVG (2009)
-"Timescape and Other Caribbean Poems" by Dr. Lance Bannister and Marcia Harold Hinds.Published by KINGS-SVG (2009)"Caribbean Trailblazers: St.Vincent and the Grenadines" edited by: Baldwin King and Cheryl Phills King (2010)
-"Spirit-Filled and Emancipated Living" by Laura Anthony BrownePublished by KINGS-SVG (2010)
For more information about the above contact:
Dr. Baldwin King at:
-"The International Encyclopedia of Revolution and Protest "article entitled ""Manley, Michael (1924-1997)" by Cheryl L. A. King (2009)
Visit the Kings Website at:
Visit the Phills Website at:

GHS Centennial Awards Dinner Activities

Cheryl Phills King receiving Centenary Award from the Minister of Education, SVG, Hon. Girlyn Miguel,
at the St. Vincent Girls' High School Gala Centenary Dinner & Awards, Friday, May 6, 2011 at the International Aquatic Club at 8:00 p.m.  The Headmistress of the St. Vincent Girls' High School (GHS), Mrs.Andrea Bowman, looks on.  The  award was given to Cheryl Phills King  "for dedicated services to GHS in commemoration of the 100th anniversary of GHS 1911-2011."
Pictures -courtesy of another GHS sister-Marcia Kirton, daughter of Noel Kirton.
Centenary Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony

The Girls’ High School (SVG) will hold its centenary Graduation and Prize Giving Ceremony on Tuesday 21st June, 2011 at The New Testament Church of God on Wilson Hill.  This ceremony begins at 9:00 am.

The theme for this year’s graduation is our centenary theme “100 years of excellence – where tradition meets tomorrow”.  Our guest speaker will be Dr. Gloria Regisford, Associate Professor of Biology at the Prairie View A&M University in Texas.

One hundred and twenty (120) girls will graduate this year.  The Community Award is being presented this year to RIVER PROVIDENCE. 

Vincentian financial Literacy expert and author Stacia Morris lecturing on The Global Economic and Financial Crisis and a Small Economy at the 10th lecture in the series organized by her alma mater, the Girls High School, last Thursday, February 10, at Frenches House.
Mrs. Norris and Ambassador Betty (Boyea) King (when she came to do her Centenary lecture).

(l - r) Andrea (Keizer) Bowman (Norma's daughter, present Headmistress GHS); Lynette; Joye; Alma; Elma; Arch-Bishop Cuthbert Woodroffe; Mrs. Woodroffe; Mrs. Norris.
(l - r) Andrea (Keizer) Bowman (Norma's daughter, present Headmistress GHS); Annelle; Alma; Joye; Elma; Arch-Bishop Cuthbert Woodroffe; Mrs. Woodroffe; Mrs. Norris.
Double Click:
School starts final countdown to 100 years

Girls’ High School teachers (clockwise from left) Veronica Prescod, LaToya DeRoche, Donna Clarke and Shanda Boyea putting the finishing touches on one of the panels which will be used to decorate the school’s compound for the “Light Up” ceremony on Sunday, May 1, as part of the school’s 100th anniversary celebrations.

Final Count Down
Old Girls’, as well as present students, of the Girls’ High School will take to the Netball court, track and field over the next few days as they participate in the school’s 100th anniversary Netball tournament and Sports day. In the photo above, ‘Old Girls’ participate in the Bean Bag Toss at the GHS 75th Anniversary Sports Meet in 1986. The Bean Bag Toss will be contested at Tuesday’s Sports Meet at the Victoria Park.
Part of the audience at the 12th lecture in the Girls’ High School lecture series at Frenches House recently. The lecture was held in honour of present Headmistress Andrea Bowman.
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Former Headmistress of the Girls’ High School Mrs Norma Keizer (centre) surrounded by six of her former students during a recent visit.
by Annelle Thomas 01.FEB.11

The Girls’ High School Alumnae Association continued visits to Senior past students in SVG during November 2010 and January 2011.
On November 19, 2010, a visit was made to Nesta Minors-DaSilva. DaSilva was happy that the Association remembered her and was especially delighted since this visit coincided with her 87th birthday on that day.
She reminisced on her days at GHS under Headmistress Laura Smith-Moffett, whom she recalled was a strict disciplinarian. Other teachers were Ruby Windebank, Annie Jackson, Sheila Wall and Phyllis Punnett, who all demanded and got respect from students.
Some of her colleagues that she remembered were Inez Coombs, Emily Grant, Barbara Da Santos and Rita DaSilva. She also spoke about the curriculum and dress code of the day.
The first Senior Alumna to be visited in 2011 was Lady Eileen Connell-Woodroffe, wife of retired Archbishop of the West Indies Sir Cuthbert Woodroffe. Lady Woodroffe, who is in the 90 plus age group, entertained the visiting alumnae with stories of her school days at GHS. She too remembered some of her teachers and school mates and spoke about the culture and tradition of the school at that time and compared it with GHS in the 21st century.
She felt especially honoured to have the current Headmistress, Andrea Keizer-Bowman, present. Lady Woodroffe is a keen gardener who takes pride and pleasure in displaying her home garden which is always so beautifully kept and invited the group to have a look.
Visits were made on January 20 to former Headmistress Norma Keizer, OBE and former teacher Irma Norris. Keizer pleasantly recalled her experiences both as student, teacher and headmistress of her alma mater. All of the visiting team were at one time her students and she facetiously reminded them of some of the escapades and mischief in which they were involved. Of course, the Housing system at the school was very important in the lives of students then, and Keizer, herself a Staff house member, was indeed happy to receive a centenary Staff house T-shirt along with the flowers and fruits presented.
The visiting team also shared experiences with her and enjoyed the time with laughter and fun, as memories of past school days were relived. The team was joined for a short while by Keizer’s daughter, Clare, who took time from her busy schedule as Chief Executive Officer and Acting Editor of The Searchlight newspaper, to share in this visit.
The visit to Norris was another occasion to reminisce as she told of some of her experiences as a teacher at the school. Norris, now in her nineties, is still physically active, although she admitted that she cannot remember certain things, as is expected at that age. She, however, remembered some of her teaching experiences with past students, as she too recalled pleasant memories of the GHS. Lynette Glasgow joined the group as past student and daughter and filled us in with information on her mom.
Flowers, fruits and memorabilia on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of GHS were presented to each of the persons visited.
An historic period of bonding and fellowship by all Vincentians, whether one attended the Girls High School (GHS) or not.
Awardees Dr Joyce Toney (left) and Marva Prescod (right) with Madge Morris of the New York Chapter of the GHS Alumni Association. Morris made presentations to Toney and Prescod on behalf of the Association.
GHS New York Alumni celebrated 100th year of alma mater in Brooklyn, New York.
Staff Reporter

• Fri, Apr 15, 2011

The members of the New York Chapter of the Girls’ High School (GHS) Alumni Association celebrated the 100th Anniversary of their alma mater in fine style last weekend.

On Sunday, April 10, over 250 past students, friends and well wishers of the GHS gathered at the Grand Prospect Hall in Brooklyn, New York, for a grand luncheon and awards ceremony.

Marva Prescod and Joyce Toney, two past students of the GHS, and long standing members of the New York Chapter of the Association, were awarded for their contribution to the Association over the years.

Prescod, a registered nurse and an attorney-at-law, practices primarily as a defense attorney in the Family Court in New York City. She mainly represents juveniles and parents and is the proud mother of two daughters, Tekeya and Nzingha, who are in their junior and freshman year of college respectively. Prescod is a founding member of the NY Chapter of the Alumnae Association.

The second awardee, Dr Joyce Providence Toney, was a professor of History at Hofstra University and more recently, professor of History and Caribbean Studies in the Department of Africana and Puerto Rican Latino Studies at Hunter College, CUNY, where she served as Chair of the Department and as Director of the Women’s Studies Program. Dr Toney lives in Brooklyn with her husband Joel, former Ambassador of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the United Nations. They have two daughters and three grandchildren.

Former student of the school and Ambassador of St. Vincent and the Grenadines to the United States of America and the Organization of American States, La Celia Prince, in her keynote address, declared that the GHS is the premier learning institution in St. Vincent and the Grenadines. Prince said her alma mater is committed to imparting knowledge and education of the highest standard, while instilling invaluable life stills.

Prince, who entered the GHS in 1988, said in the absence of the encumbrances of the male-female dynamic or stereotypes, the school is able to produce young women who are confident, articulate, outspoken and independent.

“For those who have the opportunity to drink at this golden fountain of knowledge and nuture, their lives are forever changed,” the Ambassador said, adding that the school provides a level playing field for those who may have otherwise been denied the chance to develop their full potential.

In her written message to the NY Alumnae on the occasion of their luncheon, GHS Headmistress Andrea Bowman described the NY Alumnae as providing the “firmest grip” when it comes to holding the hands of the school as the institution faces and surmounts challenges.

“The number of girls that you have sponsored at no small expense; the co and extra curricular activities to which you have contributed, your specific assistance with our steel orchestra; the hundreds of trophies that have filled suitcases over the years; the thousands of graduation sashes; our brand new trophy display cabinet... these forms of hand-holding are indicative of your faithful love and dedication,” Bowman’s message said.

President of the GHS NY chapter is Dr Joyce Toney. Her executive includes Vice President, Narissa Morris; Treasurer, June Joshua; Secretary, May C Davy; Public Relations Officer, Margaret Allen.

The major goals of the association include promoting and participating in the academic and educational growth of the current students of the Girls’ High School; providing financial assistance to needy students attending the GHS; providing information, referrals and advice to new immigrants who are alumnae of the GHS; promoting goodwill and sisterhood among fellow alumnae of the GHS and maintaining an interest in the activities of the GHS.

Master of Ceremonies of last Sunday’s luncheon was Don Bobb. The national anthem of the United States of America and St. Vincent and the Grenadines were sung by past students Earlene Williams-King and Sharon Jones, respectively. The awards were presented by member of the NY Alumnae Association Madge Morris.

The luncheon was followed by dancing and socializing among the attendees